Sunday, October 30, 2011

All Thrifted

Created by: Joana Heramis at 3:24:00 AM
Its been a year or more since i got crazy over thrifted goods or the "ukay-ukay" thing. A friend of mine introduced me to this little haven.. At first i doubt about it. But later on, Oh my! I feel in love with it!.
All goods can be bought for less 100 and sometimes even for just 20 pesos you can be so chic!.
I guess i really recommend you to check your places and if there's an ukay ukay there. Check them out.. Especially if you are saving now, well thats the best place for you.,

Anyway, last time I mentioned to you guys that we went to PFW with THE RAMP on the runway here.
And for my outfit there, i go all THRIFTED!, i said it.. from my top to bottom up until my shoes, its thrifted.
here you go: (again sorry for the low resolution. sad)

Green Polka Sheer Top; Black Skirt and Doll Shoes - all thrifted
Peacock ring from AI FASH; the rest from bazaar
Bangles from Bazaar
Watch: Tomato


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loving ukay too!!! that sheer top is really adorable!!

Discover Joana said...

@The Nomadic Fashionista! Thanks!

Wonder Woman said...

Thrifted clothes FTW!!! :)

Discover Joana said...

@Wonder Woman!

Thanks Much!
Always love to read your blogs!. :)


The Reflets Etincelants said...

very lovely dear
i'm following you
mind to follow back :)

Discover Joana said...

@Reflets Etincelants!

Thanks Much! :)
I'll Follow you back.


Eunica said...

oh i love the ukay too soo much! we can all be fashionable without spending too much and the ukay is such a heavent-sent to us frugal fashionistas! ;)

what do you say if we follow each other,dear? chekc my blog, yes?

don't forget to drop me a message there ;)

joanamarie said...

@Eunica.. TOMO!

I'll check out your blog.. and follow you too.
Thanks for following. :)

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