Monday, October 17, 2011

Take a Flight - BDJ FAIR (part 1)

Created by: Joana Heramis at 6:58:00 AM
Its the time of the year where all the BELLAS gather together to have fun, to party, to bring home goodies and meet new friends. What am i saying? o well! its the BDJ FAIR once again. It was held at EASTWOOD MALL OPEN PARK (such a great place) last Sunday. Its my first time to attend such event, and i really enjoy! SUPER as IN. (haha) here are some photos: (NOTE: i used my LOMO cam which i mentioned here).

while waiting for the gate to open, we bought some delicious tea at Happy lemon! YUM YUM

so many bellas attended the Fair

sooo cute cupcakes! YUMMY!

registration here and there!

our lovely hostess Ms. Issa Litton and Ms. Jasmine Mendiola

Cute Etude House Booth! (had some freebies, met Betsy and a makeover)

the very tiring yet fun Scavenger HUNT and WE WON! WOHOOO!!

Ms. Jill Ngo-Crisologo and the Goddesses of Belladancing

Check this freebies! Where can you find an event with such goodies?! ONLY AT BDJ! :D
Thats it for now! I'll have more in my next blog. oh my!

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sittie rainie limba said...

Hi gorgeous! am a new follower here, am a big fan of all fashion bloggers, check out my blog and follow me too if you like.. I hope too see more of your post

Discover Joana said...

@Hi Sittie! thanks for following and visiting my blog.

Joana of

Eunice said...

Hi Joana! I was there last Sunday too ( . We might have seen each other there. I'm happy you joined the Scavenger Hunt. I remember they announced around 2:30PM that they were lacking four players but I wasn't in a proper outfit that time. Anyway, hoping to meet you in other BDJ events. =)

WonderWoman said...

Had to miss out on this. I pre-registered pa naman. :(

Please join my giveaway if you haven't yet:

Discover Joana said...

@EUNICE! .. just read your blog, maybe we had seen each other. you look familiar. Anyways, hope to see and meet you soon! :)
I almost missed the chance to join the scavenger hunt since that time i was having my makeover at ETUDE, so lucky that one team needs one more member and we won!

Discover Joana said...

@WONDERWOMAN!, ohh.. sad.sad.sad. You can join other events of BDJ, just check their site and facebook fanpage.. HOPE TO MEET YOU SOON.

Anyways, followed your blog.


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