Thursday, November 10, 2011

Be DIVAlicious!

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Last Monday, I was invited by my very favorite Melai Entuna of Style and Soul to attend the Bloggers Camp Event at ATC. This Camp is in line with the new accessory store here in the Philippines (i mentioned it here)

The Store in Panoramic View :)
Anyway! It had a good time really! So fun and i learn a lot when it comes to styling and blogging.
The event was hosted by Melai, blogging tips given by Ms. Kookie Buhain and styling tips by Tin Iglesias and Tracy.
(From Left: Kookie Buhain, Tracy, Tin Iglesias and Melai Entuna)
We also had some fun games like bring me (syempre i won! haha) and a styling game. We have to style our big sister using all the accessories of DIVA. oh my! So fun..
Look how Melai looked after our styling with my other little sister Cutie!! (follow her blog here.)
Me with Cute (She's soooooooo NICE)
Melai's Look (Elegant Princess of all the Princesses)
Here's the look of the other Bloggers:

We had the first dibs of what will they offer to the DIVA out there. and Here's a sneak peak!

And the luckiest part of the day! Meeting Melai!

Ngiti to the max. :)
And what i bought home:

An oversized cross and 3 rings. :) with my DIVAlicious Certificate 
Excited to see again these super nice bloggers!.. :)


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beautiful axes!!! love them!!

joanamarie said...

@The Nomadic Fashionista - Really Fab Accessories. A bit of expensive but really worth it. :)

Christeen said...

very nice and unique accessories. looks like a fun event :)

joanamarie said...

@Christeen, Yes it is! :) you should check out their accessories. Super Bongga~!

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