Sunday, December 4, 2011


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This post is an uber backlog.. Sorry readers.. (Wow! may readers!) haha. LOL.. Anyways, I attended some baptismal ceremony of one of my college friends and it was a bit of reunion as well. 

I was not really on the mood to dress up or what.. so I decided to wear a simple yet comfy attire.
A simple top paired with jeans and sandal. Your typical Sunday Attire i must say.

Here's what I wore: 
Sheer Polka Top from Thrifted | Jeans from BNY

yay! i always have that AWKWARD FACE.

Bangles | Ring from Rob Pioneer. | Black Ring from LOVE DIVA | Watch Tomato | Necklace: SM Accessories 

Floral Sandals: Tomato
Why i titled it as Assorted??! Simple, coz of my top... Assorted dots! haha!
I told you on my last post here, that i have lots of polka on my closet. And i really dont know why.

I really have a lot to post now. Grr. Sorry for the backlogs. >.<


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