Sunday, January 15, 2012

i party LIKE A BOSS

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I was invited by my best bud, Jen, to join her and party like a boss at LIQUID pool and lounge located at MANILA OCEAN PARK. At first i doubted it since the place was really too far and not accessible. But of course, i cannot say NO to her. (Magaling mag convince eh!)

From Left to right: Matt, Tin, Me and Vijay
(Photo Source: Jen)
Anyway, I had fun that night since i met new blogger friends namely Vijay Navani of, Matt Angeles of and Tin Advincula of
Might as well follow them guys, they really rock, super nice! Cant wait to hang out with them sooooon!!

Anyhoo, proceed to what i wore:

So much with the drama

Dress used as Top: LEE | Skirt: Zara | Accessories from YRYS and Girl Shoppe | Watch: Tomato

Another DIY by me: Collar Necklace with Black Button

Studded Shoes: Possibility (THE RAMP)

The Venue:

Colorful Bean bags like ice cream.... cuuuttttttteeeeeee!!!!!

Though the program started late around 9am, i guess, it was fun and exciting. Drinks here and there. Party here and there. But we didnt finish the program since its already past 11pm and we are all hungry. We decided to go to Mercato at The FORT. But we all failed! boo! It was closed and will resume on the 13th. Me and Jen wanted to join Tin but since we are really hungry we ended up not to join anymore and decided to eat at Bubble Tea in The Fort instead.
After that we call it a night. I decided to sleep over at Jen's house since its already past 1am and im to lazy to go home. 

And thats it! This was my first BAR experience and i hope i can party like a boss again in other clubs/bars! And might be seeing you guys there. What do you think? FUN!


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