Monday, October 3, 2011

a "MUST HAVE" :)

Created by: Joana Heramis at 10:22:00 PM
its been a month or more since i started looking for these pair of shoes.
I totally crave for this one. I kept on asking online sellers if they have this ONHAND or PREORDER. no matter how much it cost. but i was a bit disappointed coz its already Sold-out.
OH MY Gee!!.

so sad.. you know what is that?
Here you go:

sooo FAB!

This is a Senso Ruzac (Ruzak) Wedge, out last mid-february (i guess).
Upon browsing the net, it just caught my eye. and already dreamed of having one.
a really must haves!!

 I found some who sells it here (inspiration only) but already out of stock.
and some that are still available, sells it in Europe and the USA.
My Gosh!

Hope to have one! (someday!)

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