Thursday, October 6, 2011

Random Things/Movie Date

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Last Thursday, i went to SM Megamall with my "FRIEND" to watch "Friends with Benefits" - a totally must see movie!. Because i was really excited, i actually arrived there too early. haha!. 
While waiting for my friend, i decided to go around the mall. 

Here's just some things that caught my eye:

pretty stuffs from the Department Store

Cute shoes from Parisian

FAB Accessories from F21 and shoes from the department store

cool MARVEL Tees from Folded and Hung
Cute isn't?
Most items are GREY! coz I LOVE GREY!.

After a while, my friend FINALLY arrived. then we first ate at Sizzling Plate. But that wasn't our first choice, actually we wanted to eat at Mang Inasal. Unfortunately, it was so crowded that you cannot go in.
Then we went to Foodcourt to eat at Sizzling Plate.. Ohhh! How i love this place!

 And then, we bought our tickets! YAHOOO!!
This movie is just awesome, i really laughed a lot!
Justine Timberlake was soo HOT!
my gooosshhh!!

That will be all for today! See you on my next blog!. 


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