Friday, December 30, 2011

Goals for 2012

Created by: Joana Marie Heramis at 6:51:00 AM

2011 has been good to me. First, I graduated from college, Second I was able to visit our province, Third I was able to have a work and lastly I began to BLOG! yehey!!..

For the year 2012, im seeing it as a year with a blast. I'll be listing down all my plans for this year. And hoping (cross-fingers) that i'll be able to have or meet it. So excited. :)
So here's the list:

1. New Cam:

 Since i really love to go to places.. I really need a cam with me.. Though my cellphone really helps me capture the moment, but im not satisfied with the results.. poor me.. Oh well.. hoping to have at least one of these.

2. Foldable Flats

 Our feet needs rest too.. So it is really a must to have flats at least 2 or 3.. and it'll best if its fold-able for less space.. Thank God for these foldable flats available at the market for our feet to relax after a long day of walking with heels. Really need to have one.. Either Grey, Black or Beige. (I love the last picture with the ribbon and glitter detail! So Girly!!)

3. A Jeffrey Campbell Lita

  I've been craving for these shoooooees for a long time now.. Haha! Just love the chunky heels! And hoping it'll be so comfy like my Senzo Ruzak Inspired Wedges.. I love to wear high heeled shoes.. One reason for that coz im soo small next reason is that i want to be tall. ahaha! (parang same lang yun?! ANSAVEEH!) Another must have either Black, Navy blue, or Beige/Brown.

4. Change phone (Blackberry or Android)

Im still inlove with my samsung corby 2 but of course time flies.. need to change or switch phones. Still thinking which one to pick either a blackberry 9900 or a Galaxy S2. haha.. which one would you refer?

5. A trip somewhere!

 You know where this is? haha. Its in Tokyo! We are planning to visit Tokyo in December 2012. (Tagal ba?!) ahaha! Its still on process, but im hoping it will pursue. Since i already have my passport. I have to use it! SAYANG naman noh! ahaha!

6. Host a Giveaway Palooza!

 How can i thank my readers! but to giveaway some love!

Done! Hoping to accomplish this on 2012! So what are your plans this 2012? Hoping to hear your comments!

Have a great weekend ahead!
Have a safe and happy new year everyone!!


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biang said...

I hope you get to have everything you want. I've also been eyeing on those Lita's for a while now, I still gotta save for it. haha

Anyway, I hope you can join my giveaway here I'm giving away a pretty neck piece. :D Thanks and Happy new year :D


joanamarie said...

@biang : Hope to! I'll do my best to complete my checklist. Ahaha!

I'll check out your giveaway soon. :)

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