Sunday, January 1, 2012

Just a RECAP

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Wow! How time really passed by sooo fast! I just cant believe that 2011 is over. Just doing this quick post, just a recap of my 2011 journey.

Started the year right! From long hair, i decided to cut it short.

Still busy with school and other stuffs. 
Made my first ever sketch via MS Paint.

Preparing for the upcoming graduation day! Bonding with college friends

Seminars here and there!

Graduated at last!

After Graduation, isang Bakasyon Grande at the heart of the Philippines, MARINDUQUE!!

Attended my first PFW.

Attended my first BDJ Rendezvous.

I also got my first work last May 16, 2011 as a Recruitment Admin Assistant at Accenture. :)

My birthday month! Just turned 21 this year! LOL XD

Nothing really happened. Just watched the third installment of my all time fave! TRANSFORMERS! with my cousins

Ups and downs of my life.Reuniting with some good old friends


Meet the Growing Up Cast!

I started blogging :)
First ever blog post --> Link here!

First time to join a Model search. :p Posted it here

Attended my first BDJ Fair, Posted here

Attended PFW feat The RAMP. Posted it here

Attended my first ever shopping party c/o Multiply. Posted it here

Attended a Bloggers Camp c/o Love Diva Accessories. 

Met awesome bloggers! and my fave!

Melai Entuna

And bought my first ever online shoe purchase.

My very own Senzo Ruzak Inspired Wedge from Paris Dreams

 A lot of outfist post for this month

2011 is a year full of ups and downs. Hoping to have more opportunities this year. A career growth i must say. Hmm.. More blogging opportunities. Lovelife?! pwede na din.. If TINA would come this year why not (TINA short for TINAdhana!) More outfit post. haha XD. Know more bout blogging and fashion.
Meet new friends, bonding moments with old friends, more adventure, meet new bloggers, more readers :) and the like.
Praying to have good health for me, my family, and friends. Less calamities. More wealth, ahaha.!

2012. New year! New Start! New Beginning.
Lets start this year with a smile and positivity!

Keep safe everyone

Have a blessed year ahead!


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