Saturday, February 4, 2012

Fashion Inspiration: Coco Girl

Created by: Joana Heramis at 10:01:00 PM
Please bear with me with this next post. haha!
If you guys are playing games in Facebook, i know you know this game.

Been playing this game for a couple o months now. Name of the is COCO GIRL. ahaha! I just fell in love with this game since in real life i cannot dress like my coco girl . self-pity! boo! With my coco girl, i can play with colors, mix and match, layering, etc. which i cannot do by now. Hopefully, soon i can be as fashionable as my coco girl. I know i have this fashion sense in me, but im really too shy. I need to get out of my shell and discover new colors that could match my morena/kayumanggi skin.

Here are some of the looks that someday i'll be able to wear!

So far these are the looks i want to wear sooooonn..

Oh well, need to update my closet. for new fab finds. Yay!

Hows your Sunday everyone?


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Vina Yabut said...

cute post! :)

If you have time, please join my post birthday blog giveaway here:

Thanks :)

JoanaMarie H. said...

@Vina Yabut: ahaha.. thanks. :)
i'll check it out dear. :)

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