Sunday, February 5, 2012

Hooray for Love Month!

Created by: Joana Heramis at 7:58:00 PM
Hey you all guys out there! been wondering what to give your girl this Valentines day?! You might want to check this out! Since all the lovely ladies are going gogoo and gaga over accessories, fashion and etc. I guess this would be the perfect gift for them!

Check out LOVE DIVA's promo for this whole LOVE MONTH!! Accessories Overload again! Woo!

Also, if you want a little challenge with this one, you might want to join their LOVERS and FRIENDS PHOTO CONTEST: Here's the Mechanics:

It's really great to say HOORAY for LOVE MONTH!

Visit LOVE DIVA at Alabang Town Center and Robinsons Place Manila
Like them in Facebook: LOVE DIVA
Visit their site:

So watcha waiting for? Lets go!!


4 love comments:

Rina said...

cute blog hun xx

JoanaMarie H. said...

@Rina: Thank you! :)

Paige San Juan said...

Wow! This is great sayang pampanga ako :(. Btw, sis will be having summer give away this march. I hope you can join. Di pa nablog about it. Just Add me on fb if interested ka para you know mo new updates :) Salamat sis


JoanaMarie H. said...

@Paige San Juan: Aww.. Sayang naman! :(

Sige, i'll check your blog soon and keep in touch with you. Excited for your giveaway. Goodluck dear! :)

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