Friday, March 16, 2012


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Have you ever felt that moment when you really wanted something or just dreamed of having it someday. That moment when you really cannot resist using it over and over and over and over again, until it is worn out. Thank God, to one of the Shoe fairy here, Anne of Paris Dreams. She just made one of my wildest dreams came to life, my very own inspired Senzo Ruzak Wedges.

Ive been eyeing to have these pairs for such a long time. It is really hard to find one pair since it rans out of stock. But because I am so patient enough to wait for many days and weeks, FINALLY I HAVE ONE.

I must say! IT IS OBVIOUSLY OVERUSED. Spell overused its my Senzo. If you can see all my outfit post im wearing the same shoes over and over again. WHAT CAN I DO? I just cant resist it.

And I just recommend you guys to check out Ms. Anne's Paris Dreams Shop. Where you can variety of Shoes, Outfits and etc. Whatever your taste it, you can find something BEST that really suits you.

Have Fun Shopping!


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Bettina Malveda said...

Hi there! I really love your shoes! More power to your blog! Anyway, let's support each other!


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