Saturday, March 17, 2012

Its not Obvious

Created by: Joana Heramis at 12:26:00 AM
Sorry for the non sense title. It just pops out of my mind. What i mean there here in my next post, If i say that my clothes are thrifted would you believed it? Well, some maybe but IT IS NOT OBVIOUS da ba? Still fasyown the cheapest way I can. Dont you love thrifting??

Here's my work in style post of the day!.

Dress and Sweater: thrifted: Shoes: Paris Dreams

Cross Necklace: Love Diva; Girl Shoppe Star Connector Ring, Leopard Ring, Gold Cuff; Striped Ring Bedazzle

Just loved this necklace!

Now i'll ask you again.. is it obvious? ahaha

Till next post.


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josh veranz said...

you could have picked a better background. :) nice shoes eh.

JoanaMarie H. said...

@josh veranz: how i wished? :( no time to take pictures somewhere. Next time i will. Thanks much! :)

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